Hans-Peter Feldmann and Florian Pumhösl at Neues Museum, Nuremberg

Hans-Peter Feldmann and Florian Pumhösl take part in the group exhibition ‘Out of Order. Works from the Haubrok Collection, Part 2’ at Neues Museum in Nuremberg, Germany. Following on from Part 1, this second edition of ‘Out of Order’ offers a similarly extensive cross-section of the collection assembled by Barbara and Axel Haubrok. This time, ninety works by around fifty artists focus attention on a seminal figure in art: picture objects mounted on the wall. What is foregrounded here, forming the anchor point for many of the conceptual approaches featured in the show, is not what a picture shows but the fact that it always also shows itself as a material object in a specific context. January 17 – March 1, 2020.