Technical Assistant / Registrar Position

Dvir is looking for an engaged and active individual to join our staff in Tel-Aviv. Resourceful, patient, energetic, available with a flexible schedule, motivated with good interpersonal skills.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

–  Lead the installation of exhibitions, hiring and managing freelance art-handlers when necessary
–  Administrative coordinator for all on-site viewings
–  Working with artists to oversee the production and plan complex installations
–  Handle the disassembly of exhibitions
–  Arrange local shuttles to/from gallery locations and storage facilities
–  Build and maintain positive working relationships with outside shipping vendors
–  Monitor available inventory; ensuring that all works are properly stored and catalogued in database
–  Make sure that condition checks and packaging lists are completed in a timely manner
–  Assist with data entry requests from sales team, as needed
–  Maintaining gallery facilities, keeping façade and gallery interior both painted and in good working condition as well as clean and tidy
–  Orchestrate all gallery shipments, including fairs, client and exhibition shipping
–  Maintaining and keeping meticulous record of on and offsite gallery storage
–  Coordinating releases of all artworks and maintaining calendar of gallery shipments
–  Producing and executing loan/consignment forms
–  Preparing condition reports



–  Must have strong administrative, organizational and professional communication skills
–  Experience in shipping procedures and strong knowledge of contemporary art
–  Existing relationships with shipping/crating companies
–  Ability to handle a high level of volume and complexity with speed and accuracy
–  Must be a proactive team player
–  Multitasking is expected and basic and complex tasks should be attended to with equal diligence and attention
–  Skills in sound, light and shelf installation
–  Experience with Photoshop, InDesign is a plus


For further information please contact:



Dvir Gallery offers full-time internships in Tel-Aviv for a minimum period of three months. The program provides students, graduate students, and beginning professionals with practical work experience and in-depth training in the gallery profession. It offers successful candidates the opportunity to spend a few months working full time with the gallery team, gaining insight into all functions, and an overall understanding of the gallery’s role within the Contemporary art world.

The following internships are available from mid June 2017:


Front Desk & Archive Intern

Qualified candidates should be highly personable, motivated, responsible, have strong organizational skills, pay close attention to detail, and be proficient in Photoshop and scanning software. Candidates should have a strong interest in contemporary art, an interest in art book publishing is a must.
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
–   Greeting clients, visitors and field incoming phone calls
–   Maintaining the book display, front desk area, and keeping show cards and press releases stocked
–   Maintaining of the book and photographic film archives
–   Requesting archival materials in conjunction with artist’s exhibitions from museums and cultural institutions
–   Helping to keep an up-to-date inventory of books in the library and storage facility
–   Organizing CD of images and making contact sheets when necessary
–   Organizing and labeling artist’s books in the gallery’s library
–   Opening and closing the gallery space as needed
–   Assisting with upcoming exhibitions

This is an excellent opportunity for someone who is interested in library science, in gaining experience in a front of house gallery setting and understanding how it can be instrumental in a gallery environment.


Public Relations & Research Intern

Qualified candidates should be extremely organized, have high attention to detail, superior time management, as well as knowledge of, and experience with Photoshop, Adobe, Excel and image editing software. Qualifications also include the ability to effectively communicate in person, phone and email.
Tasks and responsibilities will include but are not limited to:
–   Press clips and packages: scanning and formatting press clips as well as preparing physical packages and presentations.
–   Assisting in organizing the physical and online press archive
–   Maintaining information about gallery artists on the gallery website
–   Cross-referencing and fact-checking the weekly events and exhibitions calendar
–   Helping with general research for available inventory (for example: search the gallery’s archive as well as the internet for exhibitions and literature references pertaining to a particular work; help research comparative works)
–   Requesting and organizing exhibition checklists for the archive
–   Uploading updated fact sheets for available inventory to the gallery’s database and iPad specific applications.


This is an excellent opportunity to learn from experts in the field of contemporary art.

Please email a cover letter and resume to, and include the specific internship in the subject line. If you are interested in applying to more than one internship, please list your preference.


No phone calls or walk-ins please.