Dvir Gallery offers full-time internships in Tel-Aviv and Brussels for a minimum period of three months. The program provides students, graduate students, and beginning professionals with practical work experience and in-depth training in the gallery profession. It offers successful candidates the opportunity to spend a few months working full time with the gallery team, gaining insight into all functions, and an overall understanding of the gallery’s role within the Contemporary art world.


Front Desk & Archive intern

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
–   Greeting clients, visitors and field incoming phone calls
–   Maintaining the book display, front desk area, and keeping show cards and press releases stocked
–   Maintaining of the book and photographic film archives
–   Requesting archival materials in conjunction with artist’s exhibitions from museums and cultural institutions
–   Helping to keep an up-to-date inventory of books in the library and storage facility
–   Organizing CD of images and making contact sheets when necessary
–   Organizing and labeling artist’s books in the gallery’s library
–   Opening and closing the gallery space as needed
–   Assisting with upcoming exhibitions

This is an excellent opportunity for someone who is interested in library science, in gaining experience in a front of house gallery setting and understanding how it can be instrumental in a gallery environment.


Public Relations & Research Intern

Qualified candidates should be extremely organized, have high attention to detail, superior time management, as well as knowledge of, and experience with Photoshop, Adobe, Excel and image editing software. Qualifications also include the ability to effectively communicate in person, phone and email.
Tasks and responsibilities will include but are not limited to:
–   Press clips and packages: scanning and formatting press clips as well as preparing physical packages and presentations.
–   Assisting in organizing the physical and online press archive
–   Maintaining information about gallery artists on the gallery website
–   Cross-referencing and fact-checking the weekly events and exhibitions calendar
–   Helping with general research for available inventory (for example: search the gallery’s archive as well as the internet for exhibitions and literature references pertaining to a particular work; help research comparative works)
–   Requesting and organizing exhibition checklists for the archive
–   Uploading updated fact sheets for available inventory to the gallery’s database and iPad specific applications.


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