Miroslaw Balka Group Show at Museum Voorlinder, Wassenaar, Netherlands

The Group Show “Less is more” is on display until January 2020 at Museum Voorlinden.  How can it be that we in the West – in an era in which our standard of living is higher than ever – are still constantly wanting more? Our smartphones keep us in contact with the world twenty-four hours a day. The result is constant overstimulation. We are always “on”, and we don’t quite know how to manage it. The gratification is fleeting, while the emptiness endures. Yet a counter-movement is emerging. Chefs advocate simple, authentic cuisine. Organisational gurus write books filled with tips on reducing clutter. Fashion designers practically chant the mantra: buy less, choose well. The Tiny House movement continues to grow. And we find meaning in the pursuit of a zero-waste existence. Minimalism seems to be the new way of life.