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Mircea Cantor: Transmission Interrupted, Oxford 2009

Transmission Interrupted is a publication accompanying an international group exhibition organised by Modern Art Oxford, which looks at how contemporary artists disrupt prevailing forms of registering and representing the world.
It brings together the work of 14 artists, across a range of media and cultural contexts, to pose questions about permissible forms of artistic expression at a particular historical moment. Highlighting the persistence of certain values and beliefs and the seeping obsolescence of others, the exhibition compels us to consider what remains unseen, unspoken and unrepresented at a time when freedom of speech and democracy are invoked as universal values to which we can all subscribe. This accompanying publication designed by Åbäke reproduces a plethora of artists’ material in the style of a large-format, hardcovered newspaper. It also features new texts by curators Suzanne Cotter and Gilane Tawadros; interviews with exhibiting artists and contributions from poet Mourid Barghouti and Human Rights scholar Thomas Keenan.

Ariel Schlesinger: A Clean Slate, Berlin 2009

This small-format artist’s book was published on the occasion of the 2009 two-person exhibition “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday” at Kunstverein Göttingen. Created and designed by Ariel Schlesinger, A Clean Slate documents a minute aberration in the functioning of a single subway ticket vending machine in Berlin, that, for a few hours, accidentally printed the ticket information on the wrong side of the paper. Schlesinger purchased as many of these blank tickets as he could and compiled them within this book.

Mircea Cantor: The Need for Uncertainty, Oxford 2008

The Romanian artist Mircea Cantor often mines the territory of conceptual and performance art associated with Alan Kaprow, Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol. Cantor who is also a co-founder of Version, a journal devoted to the interface of culture, sociology, music, philosophy, and natural sciences, resists restricting his work to a singular style or medium. To date, his works have explored a wide range of topics and include photography, installation, sculpture, and short films.
This fully illustrated book features views of newly commissioned work together with source images and an essay by Curator Suzanne Cotter. Published to accompany a major commission and exhibition with Mircea Cantor in 2008/09 organised by Modern Art Oxford, in collaboration with Arnolfini, Bristol and Camden Arts Centre, London.

Simon Fujiwara: The Incest Museum. A guide, Berlin 2008

The Museum of Incest is an ongoing project initiated by Simon Fujiwara in 2008. Subtitled “An erotic survey of civilization from ape to man and back again”, this architectural project is composed of a fictive institution that explores the erotic origins of man, while proposing incest as part of man’s ancestry. The publication is a guide to the museum, including a discussion of the fictive museum’s architecture, curatorial features, and the works presented in it. It is based on a performance-lecture realized by Fujiwara.