Shilpa Gupta at M HKA, Antwerp

A solo exhibition by Shilpa Gupta is on show at M HKA in Antwerp, Belgium. Shilpa Gupta creates artworks that examine the place of subjectivity and human perception in relation to themes of desire, conflict, security, technology and censorship. Her work is multi-faceted, often utilising sculpture, text and interactivity, also displaying a mastery of audio and visual technologies. Considering technology as an extension of body and mind, Gupta possesses a sharp political consciousness towards the role, psychology and aesthetics of different media forms, particularly towards their complicity in the effects of fear. Though her works could be interpreted as being based on the social or political situation in particular cultural contexts, Gupta keeps their specificity decidedly open, allowing their themes to be interpreted differently wherever they are shown.  2 October – 21 January, 2020.