Thomas Hirschhorn at Centre Culturel de Saint-Raphaël

Thomas Hirschhorn is part of the group exhibition ‘Choses Faites’ at Centre Culturel de Saint-Raphaël, France. This exhibition, in partnership with the Frac Provence-Alpes-Côte d´Azur, explores various ways of occupying space and illustrates the transcendence of the banal. The 20th century is the time for an industrial production of household items that are quickly out of date, broken and obsolete. The artists took it over. Thinking about objects makes it possible to think about subjects: individuals and their modes of operation. All of the pieces presented at the Cultural Center of Saint-Raphaël are in this Dadaist tradition of everyday poetics. The works in the exhibition explore, each in their own way, the social, aesthetic and scenographic dimensions of the object in art, nourishing reflections echoing the news of our societies. February 21 – April 19, 2020.