Thomas Hirschhorn in MAXXI

Dvir Gallery is happy to announce that the solo exhibition of Thomas Hirschhorn, The Purple Line, is going to open on October 20, 2021 in MAXXI. The exhibition is on display until March 6, 2022. Curated by Hou Hanru, Luigia Lonardelli

“The world needs to be depixelated”, Thomas Hirschhorn.

This is one of Thomas Hirschhorn’s phrases to describe the «Pixel-Collage», an impressive cycle of works created between 2015 and 2017. For the first time, they are grouped, following a layout designed by the artist, on a very long purple wall – The Purple Line – that runs through gallery 3.  A project that seeks to show the invisible renegotiates the exhibition context and stimulates the viewer to remain vigilant and aware…