Thomas Hirshhorn, “Robert-Walser Sculpture” at Place de la Gare Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

From June 15-September 8, 2019, Thomas Hirschhorn will be producing another monumental project in Biel, Switzerland, entitled Robert Walser-Sculpture. For 86 days, it will be open to the public daily from 10am-10pm. From a supplemental text on the project’s website, “Hirschhorn will be constructing a sculpture in honor of Robert Walser, one of Switzerland’s great names in literature who was born in Biel. The “sculpture” will have the dimensions of a football field and will be erected on the biggest hub in the city, its central train station. This “sculpture” comprises a platform built of wooden pallets and around forty events that will be taking place daily over a period of 86 days together with Biel’s inhabitants. The latter planned and developed these events over the last two years jointly with Thomas Hirschhorn, and the venue will be a structure built by the artist and people from Biel.”