Miroslaw Balka & Latifa Echakhch

Opening date: May 25th 2018
Closing date: May 27th, 2018

Dvir Gallery @ Micheline Szwacjer

Antwerp Gallery Weekend, 2018, booth view
2018-05 Dvir_apen02_web
Antwerp Gallery Weekend, 2018, booth view

On the occasion of the Antwerp Art Weekend 2018, Dvir Gallery is pleased to present a show by Latifa Echakhch and Miroslaw Balka at Micheline Szwajcer Gallery.


The practice of both artists ranges from delicate small objects to large scale installations. Departing from a personal point of reference they both create a poetic fragility between material and personal history.


Latifa Echakhch utilises absence as a constructive element within her work, conceiving the lack of something as a place of creation. She invites the viewer to reflect on the rigidity and contradictions of society through objects loaded with symbolic, politic and poetic meanings.


Reflecting on the traits and stories of life, our culture, and its imprints on our way of being, the Nova series evokes an ambivalence of meaning between their original functions and their subsequent delicacy in a decomposed state. Latifa puts forward a contrast in materiality and functionality, wherein the object she uses becomes the holder of its own fragility, unveiling the limits of human strength and durability.


Miroslaw Balka’s art focused around the centrally placed man and the way he experiences the world. Since the 1980s he has been coming back to the subject of the human body, its physical and symbolic presence: physiology, vulnerability, and traces. Balka’a oeuvre from the very first moments until today. It is an inventory of basic forms, materials and references. By the same token it grasps the moment of passing from figurative sculpture to reduced, abstract forms, reveals the symbolism of their dimensions, proportions, and materials that he used, such as wood, concrete, gypsum and more metaphoric ones: salt, soap, and ash.


The piece shown at Micheline Szwajcer Gallery is rather a redaction of substances, showcasing, a series of drawings created through an accident fire of his studio in 1993 from which impression thoughts emerged to become pieces of art.