ARTnews Review – Naama Tsabar ‘Perimiters’ at the Bass Museum, Miami

Naama Tsabar Wants Viewers to Challenge the Expected Museum Experience: ‘If You Push Your Own Boundaries You’re Rewarded’

Sound travels through mysterious channels in Naama Tsabar’s latest exhibition, “Perimeters,” on view at The Bass in Miami through April 16. For the show, the Israeli-born, New York–based artist will occupy the museum’s galleries with new, site-specific iterations of four bodies of work. Tsabar’s art occupies an intersection of sculpture, performance, and architecture that will transform the museum itself into a playable instrument.

Following a year in lockdown, the collaborative nature of “Perimeters” has been immensely fulfilling for Tsabar. “I came out of that year with the realization that presence of the body is so important,” she told ARTnews. “Then, our bodies were in danger and the danger. But intimacy is essential, I don’t want to retract from it, I want to fight for it.” Read the full article by Tessa Solomon here