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Naama Tsabar performs at Frieze Projects 2020, LA

Frieze Projects is an anchor program of Frieze Los Angeles that takes place at Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood, bringing together more than 70 of the world’s most significant and forward-thinking galleries. Naama Tsabar will present Untitled (Double Face), a performance with related photographs that coopts and upends the guitar solo through a conjoining and doubling. Using two guitars grafted together, Tsabar and a partner turn the seemingly masturbatory performative gesture into an act based on intimacy and cooperation. February 14 – 16, 2020.

Jonathan Monk at Meyer Riegger, Karlsruhe

Jonathan Monk, together with Meuser, is on display at the two person show ‘Dr. Schlau und Dr. Schlauer’ at Meyer Riegger in Karlsruhe, Germany. February 14 – March 21, 2020.

Hans-Peter Feldmann at Bombas Gens Centre d’Art, Valencia

The group exhibition ‘Botanicals’, including works of Hans-Peter Feldmann, is on show at Bombas Gens Centre d’Art in Valencia, Spain. Plants or vegetal forms representation have been a constant through history of photography. Whether from the objective photography or the idea of archive, several artists have decided focusing on plants. Understanding this exhibition as a garden, ‘Botanicals’ creates a visual narration from artworks within Per Amor a l’Art collection. February 13 – November 01, 2020.  

Omer Fast at Salzburger Kunstverein

The solo exhibition ‘Omer Fast. The Invisible Hand’ is on show at Ring Gallery of the Salzburger Kunstverein in Salzburg, Austria. They present a long-term installation of Omer Fast’s VR-film The Invisible Hand, based on a Jewish fairy-tale. This immersive 3D Virtual Reality (VR) film follows a young girl who recounts her family’s uncanny past in the People’s Republic of China. The film was shot in Guangzhou, China, on a 3D VR camera. The work was commissioned by and premiered at the Guangdong Times Museum in 2018, but was shut down by the local government after running for a few days. The reason given was that there are no more ghosts in China since the founding of the People’s Republic. February 8 , 2020 – January 24, 2021.

Shilpa Gupta at The Rubin Museum of Art, New York City

Shilpa Gupta is part of the group exhibition ‘Measure Your Existence’ at The Rubin Museum of Art in New York City. The fleeting, impermanent here and now—in all its destruction, regeneration, and intense immediacy—is the ultimate reality. The exhibition questions and expands the Buddhist concept of impermanence through artworks by six contemporary artists who explore duration, survival, memory, fate, history, loss, disappearance, and reappearance. Visitors are called upon to co-produce, participate, and intimately experience works of art through time-based and durational installations. The exhibition creates ephemeral moments of reflection and meaning, inspiring personal recollection and reminiscence. February 7 – August 10, 2020.

Haim Steinbach at Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv

Haim Steinbach’s work is on show at the group exhibition ‘Leaving and Returning’ at Braverman Gallery in Tel Aviv. The exhibition seeks to instill a sense of belonging in Braverman Gallery’s new exhibition space. It is composed of works concerning the tension between the domestic and the public, art and design, old and new, and between past and present. Accepted forms of displaying art and design allow us to read into a setting, providing us with a sense of mutual understanding in a dialogue with the objects we choose to surround ourselves with. In a digital age where sharing and privacy no longer refer to intimate encounters alone, our physical spaces have become no less intriguing as art and design continue to be charged with psychological, social, or political associations and ideas, some giving rise to uncertainty more than others. The works in the exhibition, and the actual and representational spaces between them, questions structures of form and function concerning the identity of an object in space as well as its representation.February 6 – April 30, 2020.

Latifa Echakhch at BPS22, Charleroi

Invited by the BPS22 for her first big exhibition in Belgium called “The sun and the set’, Latifa Echakhch  presents a new installation and a selection of older works in relation to the architecture of place and her local roots.  February 1 – May 3, 2020.