Dor Guez at Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin

Work by Dor Guez is on show at the group exhibition ‘Worlds Without End’ at Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin, Ireland. The exhibition displays a rich and diverse series of visual stories centered around the concept of borders. The existence of local and international borders has many histories with a current increase most recently seen as a result of Brexit. Borders tend to be the location of international trouble spots. Political turbulence and displacement of people as well as the drive towards an ever-increasing economic globalisation creates a complex contradiction. On the one hand we see a utopian vision of open borders, while on the other, a rising populist push towards border fortification.  Another consideration is the creation of psychological frontiers known as borderisation – the mindset that borders create which further exacerbates the strain on cultural and social conditions. April 30 – August 02, 2020.