FLORIAN PUMHÖSL at Miguel Abreu Gallery

Miguel Abreu Gallery is pleased to announce the opening, on Sunday, September 8th, of Saltern, Florian Pumhösl’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. The show will be on view at our 88 Eldridge Street location and will present a new body of painted reliefs. The type of saltern Florian Pumhösl refers to in these square works is a coastal horizontal structure consisting of ramparts, canals, and plains. Composed of a network of basins divided across a surface, saltworks store seawater, which evaporates over time to leave behind a salt deposit. As Pumhösl notes, the saltern is a “man-made landscape between sea and inhabited territory with modules characterized by flow and stagnation.” As an intervention into the seaside that modifies and inhabits the local terrain, the saltworks enact an abstraction that is perceived as natural. Following a morphological line of thought that adapts the spatial, temporal, and pictorial aspects of the saltworks, Pumhösl identifies the saltern as “an abstract image par excellence, because it is able to dissolve everything that appears manifest in it into relations.” SEPTEMBER 8 — OCTOBER 27, 2019