Lacrimae Rerum Part II – Review in Art Agenda

Tal Sterngast wrote a beautiful review on our show ‘Lacrimae Rerum’, Homage to Gustav Metzger – Part II, currently on view in our gallery space in Tel Aviv.

‘Memory, noted Marguerite Duras, is an attempt to escape the “horror of forgetting.” It is also, she argued, a failure: “You know you’ve forgotten, that’s what memory is.”1 The memory of the things we forget we call the unconscious. A group show at Tel Aviv’s Dvir Gallery, conceived in homage to Gustav Metzger and featuring works by Armando Andrade Tudela and Daniel Steegmann Mangrané alongside the late artist, traces the ways in which amnesia and memory constitute each other in the writing down of history.’ Read the full article on Art Agenda.