Latifa Echakhch at Kunsthalle Mainz, Germany

The Solo show “Liberty and Tree” by Latifa Echakhch will be on view on 11 July 2019 at Kunsthalle Mainz, Germany. The Exhibition of the artist Latifa Echakhch that is well known for her site-specific installations and interventions. Her works invariably relate to wherever they are being exhibited, specifically to the architecture and local roots. Referring to the formal idioms of Minimal art and Concrete art, she links these to materials such as ink or yarn, and to objects such as books, photographs or mussels, weaving them into her narratives along the way. Latifa Echakhch’s unique feeling for materials is bound up with social-political content and issues concerning cultural roots, the consequences of migration and the significance of revolutions. The show will be open until the 20th of October 2019.