Miroslaw Balka Public Talks in the frame of “The Eye Never Sleeps”, Center for Contemporary Art Torun, Poland

Miroslaw Balka will take part on “The Eye never splees”  at the Center for Contemporary Art Torun in Poland. The talk with the polish artist will be on 3 July 2019 at 7 pm and will be moderatated by Grzegorz Brzozowski.  The Eye never sleeps’ means cyclic meetings of visual artists and scientists. So far, its three consecutive editions have taken place. The scientific symposium that takes place simultaneously to the artistic part, and the artistic residencies, in which Polish and foreign artists take part, are integral parts of the event. Sixty-five creators took part in the most recent (3rd) edition of the Festival, several of them being foreign artists from Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, etc.

Non-accidental meetings are the follow-up of the surrealistic ideas and relate to the ethical postulate included in the Surrealist Manifesto by André Breton, who emphasizes the role of accidental meetings. The first edition in the current formula took place in 2014 and about 40 artists participated in it. The following edition gathered over 50 artists. The festival gets its interdisciplinary character from the display of works of various spheres of visual arts: from painting, drawing and graphic, through collages, photography, performance, to new media arts and movies.