Nelly Agassi’s Tremble

Dvir Gallery is delighted to announce the new performance of Nelly Agassi, in collaboration with Ryan Packard and Avi Bellili. The performance, titled Tremble, will take place twice on 17th and 19th of January as part of the new group exhibition of the Tel Aviv Museum of art, Imagine a Museum (or: The Remembering Body). While the title “Imagine a Museum” looks forward, to the realms of imagination and dream, the subtitle in parentheses, “The Remembering Body,” returns to the museum’s foundations, in fact to the first institution titled a museum, i.e. the mouseion in Alexandria, Egypt, in the 3rd century BCE. The mouseion was a library and an academy, named after the nine mythological muses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosine (the Goddess personifying memory), who presided over various arts (none of which was plastic art). The idea of the birth of a museum from memory is at the core of the exhibition. With Mnemosine and the muses in the background, the museum is anchored within a distant, mythological and ritualistic memory, and adopts the identity of a remembering body: remembering its chronicles and histories, hosting other remembering bodies within it. A body within a body. A two-directional motion, forwards and backwards, towards the realms of imagination and the domains of memory, thus drives the exhibition, which takes place in the gallery and throughout the Museum’s public spaces. Tremble Nelly Agassi / Ryan Packard / Avi Bellili 17 & 19 January 2023 19:00 Tel Aviv Museum of Art