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Simon Fujiwara in Hamburger Kunsthalle

Dvir Gallery is happy to announce that Simon Fujiwara is featured in the new sh0w of the Hamburger Kunsthalle. The exhibition something new, something old, something desired places the Kunsthalle’s important collection of contemporary art in an exciting dialogue with recent acquisitions of the latest works. The themes that come to the fore spotlight the urgent issues of our day: questions of understanding and communication, isolation and marginalisation, power and protest, utopia and structure. At the same time, the show explores (virtual) worlds and realities on the basis of architectural designs while addressing the tension between form and dissolution and focusing attention on the potential for interconnecting material and language.

Jonathan Monk in the National Bank of Belgium

Dvir Gallery is happy to share that Jonathan Monk has been featured at the group show (UN)COMMON VALUES of the national banks of Belgium and Spain. In (UN)COMMON VALUES, we will explore how the artworks reflect the changes in society, mirror the various perceptions of generations and embrace the kaleidoscopic world we live in. For further information, click here.

Miri Segal at a Basel conference

Dvir Gallery is happy to share that Miri Segal is participating at a conference in Basel on June 15. In this event, speakers from the world of art, science, and entrepreneurship will present questions about technology, collaborations, and intersections of disciplines. Why do artists establish an AI lab? How can science benefit from working with artists? And what are potential avenues to foster transdisciplinary collaborations? These are some of the questions that will be discussed. For further information, click here.

Karen Russo films on-demand

Dvir Gallery is happy to share that the international, film-based art platform, CRYPTOFICTION dedicates a retrospective to Israeli artist, Karen Russo. The retrospective spans throughout entire June and the films are available online. The following titles are available: Junkerhaus (2019), Haus Atlantis (2016), TET-Stadt (2016), Externsteine (2012), Target: 090313 977 (2009)

Latifa Echakhch at Kunsthausbaselland

Dvir Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of ‘For a Brief Moment […] Several Times’, duo show of Latifa Echakhch and Zineb Sedira in Kunsthausbaselland, curator by Ines Goldbach
At a time when borders have to be fought for and defended, but an affiliation to only one nation is no longer the rule, the collaborative project between Latifa Echakhch and Zineb Sediracould not be more relevant. For a long time, the two artists have been connected by a close friendship along with a great interest in each other’s work. This year, both artists have been invited to the Venice Biennale to represent France (Zineb Sedira) and Switzerland (Latifa Echakhch). Though the exhibition at Kunsthaus Baselland is the artists’ first project of this type, it is more than consistent within their oeuvre: an invitation to enter into a dialogue, an artistic conversation with each other’s work, preserving its autonomy while connecting it to a distinctive narrative; at the same time, it is an open, gentle invitation to the visitors to embark on a dense trail of personal and collective memories, to settle down, wonder and remember together—both the presence and the absence of people, film clips, songs, texts, smells, images. The exhibition resembles two overlaying memories of moments from the artists’ pasts, allowing a collective remembrance to become possible. It almost feels like moving through a film set, a journey through time and space—paused in a moment that is open for visitors to go through. The two artists thus open up a multilayered space of experiences that succeeds in directing our perception towards fundamental themes of identity and affiliation, as well as of individual and collective memory.

Latifa Echakhch | Art Basel artist talk with Zineb Sedira

Dvir Gallery is happy to share that on June 15, Latifa Echakhch is part of an artist talk with Zineb Sedira and Zoé Whitley, Director of the Chisenhale Gallery, London, to talk about their pioneering practices, their common interests, and their friendship. Representing France and Switzerland, respectively, at the 2022 Venice Biennale, they will also discuss their exhibitions as well as their joint project for Kunsthaus Baselland. Presented in collaboration with Kunsthaus Baselland. The exhibition ‘For a Brief Moment […] Several Times. Latifa Echakhch & Zineb Sedira’, 2 June – 17 July, 2022, curated by Director Ines Goldbach, is supported by the Institut français and the French Embassy in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. For more details, click here.

Naama Tsabar solo show in Connecticut

Dvir Gallery is happy to share that the new solo show of Naama Tsabar, MATRIX 189, open on June 2 in the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford, CT. The exhibition is open until September 11. “Tsabar’s project marks a return of performance art to the MATRIX program. Over more than four decades of MATRIX, the program has featured notable performance artists, including Laurie Anderson, Andrea Fraser, Janine Antoni, and now Tsabar. The site-specific Melodies of Certain Damage works will be activated in closing-weekend performances with the artist and female-identifying or gender-nonconforming musicians from the Greater Hartford community. The music field is traditionally gendered male. Thus, Tsabar confronts women’s rights and equality issues that have long lingered but resurfaced and gained momentum in society in recent years. Tsabar’s work is current, feminist, and political.” The solo show is accompanied by two performances, a conversation between the artist and Laurie Anderson, and on June 2, there is going to be an artist talk.

Sarah Ortmeyer selected for Vienna memorial

Dvir Gallery is delighted to share that Sarah Ortmeyer, in cooperation with Karl Kolbitz, has been selected to erect a monument in the city center of Vienna in memory of the LGBTQI victims of National Socialism. The project, titled ‘Arcus (Shadow of a Rainbow)’ depicts a colorless rainbow that does cast a shadow even though it is by definition unable to do so, hence bringing forward in a double way the persecution and murder of hundreds. The inauguration of the sculpture is expected in 2023, on Karlsplatz.