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Frederik Meijer Gardens to unveil the sculpture of Ariel Schlesinger

Dvir Gallery is happy to share the inauguration of the sculpture of Ariel Schlesinger, ‘Ways to Say Goodbye’, next month at Frederik Meijer Gardens in Michigan to honor the millions of people who perished in the Holocaust.

The sculpture is a 20-foot-tall aluminum cast of a fig tree that has shards of glass inserted among the branches. It deals with themes of profound loss and grief, the release said.

“This tree was specifically chosen by Schlesinger for its character and as a symbol of the Jewish struggle for survival both during and after the Holocaust,” the release said. “The tree appears fragile and clinging to life; however, it is also representative of great endurance.”
To access the article, click here. 

Art Basel Hommage to Lawrence Weiner

Dvir Gallery is delighted to share that the Art Basel presents an hommage to Lawrence Weiner throughout its June fair in Basel. Out of Sight (2021), a participatory work envisioned by the late New York-based conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner, will sprawl across Basel‘s Messeplatz. The floor installation invites viewers to physically engage with positive thinking by moving along a hopscotch grid that incorporates Weiner’s hallmark typographic texts. Along this journey, symbolic of life, are statements such as ‘one can only imagine the powers that be’ and ‘spit into the wind and hope for the best.’ Weiner, who passed away in December last year, said of Out of Sight: ‘A person coming in with whatever situation they find themselves in, the minute they have any thoughts about themselves going from here to there, they will be able to stand in front of the marelle (French for hopscotch) and realise they first have to imagine themselves doing it, that is, assuming a position.

Latifa Echakhch at the De Renava Biennale

Dvr Gallery is happy to announce the opening of the first edition of the De Renava biennial on the southern tip of Corsica. The exhibition, titled The Rouge Odyssée, opens on May 27, 2022. One of the exhibition’s 15 featured artists is Latifa Echakhch – currently representing Switzerland at the Venice Biennale – with her 2014 video work, Jadid. “For this first edition, De Renava has chosen to draw inspiration from the motif of the wave, as a metaphor of constant movements which redefine collective identities and visions. The Rouge Odyssée exhibition questions the function of “home” as a liminal space in perpetual mutation, base of hopes and tensions. From the Mediterranean Sea where waves of thoughts, goods and people have constantly determined History, the show explores the themes of exile, memory and transmission, inviting us to observe human trajectories.” For the press release and further details, click here.

V.C.R.T. (Violent Crime Response Team) by Thomas Hirschhorn

Dvir Gallery is delighted to announce the book launch and publication of the new book of Thomas Hirschhorn, V.C.R.T. (Violent Crime Response Team).  “V.C.R.T.” is a compilation of writings, drawings, letters, e-mails, and notes that have complemented Thomas Hirschhorn’s work from his early days as an artist. This content has never been published in its original language and form. Moreover, a selection of 24 pages has been translated into Spanish for the very first time. This publication is an original concept initiated by Sandra Guimarães, artistic director of Bombas Gens Centre d’Art. It is co-edited and published by La Fábrica (Madrid, Spain). With this publication, we are opening a new line of research that consists of the production of experimental artists’ books. This programme follows Bombas Gens’ mission of placing the artists at the centre, researching and producing knowledge and interesting experiences.

Douglas Gordon. k.364

Dvir Gallery is delighted to share that the new solo show of Douglas Gordon is now on view in Dundee Contemporary Arts, UK. The show, titled k.364 is open until August 7, 2022.

Douglas Gordon is a Scottish artist who creates work that questions the complexities of memory and perception, both from an individual and collective position. This exhibition focuses on his major film installation k.364 and marks the premiere of this work in a public gallery in the UK.

k.364 features two Israeli musicians of Polish descent (Avri Levitan and Roi Shiloah) traveling to Poland from Berlin by train. Shown on multiple screens and with layered audio, the film follows the two men through a desolate landscape in a country whose tragic and violent history is barely resolved for them.

Adel Abdessemed in The Loft, Brussels

Dvir Gallery is delighted to announce that the Servais Family Collection’s space, The Loft features Adel Abdessemed in its new group exhibition, On Policies with Atletica Ideal. The exhibition open during the weekend of April 28 – May 1. To visit, please register at collection.servais@gmail.com.

Nedko Solakov solo show at MAXXI

Dvir Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of the solo show of Nedko Solakov, in MAXXI, in Rome. A Cornered Solo Show #2 is going to open on May 26 and is open throughout the summer until September 25. “With A Cornered Solo Show #2, Nedko Solakov (Cherven Briag, Bulgaria, 1957), an international artist who lives and works in Sofia, presents a narrative designed for a particular point in the museum: the lobby. It is a visible, transitory place, usually not used for exhibitions because it is very different from an exhibition space; a corner that visitors might miss but which, thanks to the artist’s intervention, offers a real treasure once discovered.”