‘red nerv’ by Miroslaw Balka will be inaugurated at Castello di Ama, Siena, Italy

Castello di Ama is pleased to announce the inauguration of red nerve, a new site-specific sculpture by Mirosław Bałka. This occasion marks the sixteenth addition to the series of permanent artworks conceived and realized for Castello di Ama for Contemporary Art, already including works by Anish Kapoor, Lee Ufan, Daniel Buren or Louise Bourgeois. At Castello di Ama, Bałka has suspended a single red thread in a cantina from ceiling to floor—a simple but radical gesture that has profound philosophical implications. A turning mechanism causes the thread to twitch and stir, investing it with a living presence and sensitizing the space around it. As the title implies, the thread is a metaphor for the human body, like a vein or umbilical cord that sustains a fragile and tenuous existence in the surrounding darkness. There is a spiritual dimension as well: the thread spanning the extreme height of the cantina metaphorically links earth and heaven, the visible realm of concrete things and the invisible realm of the spirit. In red nerve, Bałka has created an image of the contingency and vulnerability of the human condition. Curated by Philip Larratt-Smith Opening 15.10.2019 at Castello di Ama, Gaiole in Chianti, Siena, Italy.