Sarah Ortmeyer at Sans Titre (2016), Paris

Sarah Ortmeyer takes part in the group show ‘A shelter in the folds of the infinite’, curated by Eloi Boucher, at Sans Titre (2016) in Paris, France. Including a completely new body of work and two site-specific installations by Michael Debatty and Jonathan Binet for Sans Titre’s space, the exhibition aims to propose new surrounding architectures by bringing together a selection of works by artists Lorraine Châteaux, Basile Ghosn, Ray Johnson, Sarah Ortmeyer w/ Kerstin Brätsch and Paloma Proudfoot. The eight artists design irregular forms that alter our experiences of buildings and structures, playing with relationships that humans have with spaces or materials. The show is inspired by the practice of architect and landscape designer Roberto Burle Marx, specifically by his concept of gardens and ‘floors in movement’. The unique combination of rigorous organization of space and the natural disorder of plants set free to grow as they will, created a cross-over between the surrounding environment, fragmentation of perspective and volumes constantly changing depending on the season and climate change. As an admirer of the curve and the root, he was able to establish a complete and lively work by presenting free forms incorporating texture as a key element of urban planning. The title of the show is borrowed from the last sentence of Nathalie Haddad’s article on the architecture practice of John Lautner in Frieze (2009): « Lautner’s stylistic break from exacting geometries coincides with his transition to concrete as his primary structural material and to the folds of the earth. The concrete ‘shell’ became the metaphor and the medium for man’s flight away from the civilisation into the shelter of nature. » January 17 – February 22, 2020.