Shilpa Gupta at Uppsala Art Museum

Shilpa Gupta takes part in the group show ‘Unhomed’ at Uppsala Art Museum in Uppsala, Sweden. This exhibition brings together a group of international artists, whose creative practices are in constant dialogue with the complex narratives of cultural heritage, history writing, and freedom of speech. Their art examines borders between to public and domestic spaces in rapidly changing cities, underlining colonial structures and national aspirations, while at the same time mapping the geography in terms of gender, class, ethnicity and religion. Memories become embedded into architectural elements, structures, and patterns are embedded with memories. As the cities change, new hybrids emerge and certain memories are erased. Through the media of performative actions, moving images, and sculpture, the works of art destabilise the notion of identity and what is considered to be a national or personal “home”. “To be ‘unhomed´,”’ says Homi K. Bhabha, “is not to be homeless, but rather to escape easy assimilation or accommodation”. The concept ‘Unhomed’ is also taken from the poetic work by Shilpa Gupta ‘Words Come from Ears’.