Simon Fujiwara at CCA, Montreal

The exhibition Our Happy Life is a three-act study on the new spatial models founded on the measurement of happiness, and the complexity of the Data world. The exhibition, curated by Francesco Garutti  is open from 8 May till 13 October at CCA, Canadian Centre of Architecture. How do we measure the quality of our life? What is the data behind happiness? Over the last decade, lists of indicators, indices and rankings commisioned and produced by public and private entities alike, have changed how we perceived and design the space we inhabit. Key to the development of these lists was Nicolas Sarkozy’s 2008 formation of a committee to rethink GDP as a measure of social progress and David Cameron’s 2010 initiative to collect national statistics on well-being.  Both of these projects can be seen as early markers of a new Happiness Agenda. At a global scale, the consequences of  this agenda include a redefinition of relational parameters between wealth and well-being and the rise of a social science, rooted in new strategies of data collection.