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Karen Russo’s film Junkerhaus (2019) US premiere at the 59th Ann Arbor Film Festival

Junkerhaus (2019) will be screened as part of Films in Competition 13 on Sat., Mar 27, 2021, at 3:00 PM EST (7pm GMT). The 59th AAFF will be held online launching as a live stream, then available for asynchronous viewing. Ann Arbor is the longest-running film festival of avant-garde and experimental film and video in North America. Thousands of influential filmmakers and artists have exhibited work at the AAFF, including Kenneth Anger, Brian De Palma, Agnes Varda, Andy Warhol, Gus Van Sant, Barbara Hammer, George Lucas, Les Blank, Matthew Buckingham, and James Benning.

Karen Russo at Frestonian Gallery, London

Karen Russo will participate in a tree persons show ‘The City & The City & The City’ at the Frestonian Gallery, London. The exhibition is curated by Tom Morton and presents works by Karen Russo, Charles Avery, Dana Lixenberg. 17th September – 31st October 2020  

Karen Russo at Frestonian Gallery

Karen Russo will be showing new drawings, photographs and a film alongside Charles Avery and Dana Luxembourg at Frestonian Gallery, London. Curated by Tom Morton, The City & The City & The City borrows (and extends) the title of the British writerChina Miéville’s celebrated novel The City & The City (2009), a police procedural set in two separate fictional Eastern European cities, Besźel and Ul Qoma, which occupy the same physical territory, while having markedly different languages, cultures, and systems of belief. The exhibition, then, might in a sense be conceived of as aconurbation or megalopolis, whose constituent ‘cities’ each have their own complex civic identity, while sharing (sometimes surprising) correspondences and overlaps with not only their near neighbours, but with many other cities, real and imagined, from across human history. 16 SEPTEMBER – 31 OCTOBER 2020