Thomas Hirschhorn at Kunstforeningen GL STRAND

‘Community of Fragments’ is a large-scale, site-specific installation by Thomas Hirschhorn that will transform a gallery of GL Strand, Copenhagen in February 2021. This labyrinthine ruin continues the artist’s interest in the relationship between creation and destruction. All visitors are invited to participate in the reconstruction of GL STRAND in a workshop centered in the middle of the exhibition. Here one can among other things create sculptures and two-dimensional works that contribute to the exhibition; but one can also use the workshop for dialogue and debate. With the exhibition Thomas Hirschhorn creates an artistic space that we are invited to occupy – again and again if you like. The artist has been documenting the installation of the exhibition, making a new video everyday. You can have a look through this link. « A ruin stands for a structural, an economical, a cultural, a political or a human failure. » – Thomas Hirschhorn