Thomas Hirschhorn, Biennale de l’Image Possible, L’ex-Decathlon, Liège, Belgium

Thomas Hirschhorn was to present this spring, at the Galerie Chantal Crousel in Paris, his exhibition “Eternal Ruins” which brought together a series of unpublished cardboard works called “Chat Posters”. Built in reference to the work of Simone Weil, these new pieces mix text, images and smartphone aesthetics. Closed to the public a few days after its opening, the exhibition could only be visited virtually. All 23 Chat-Posters will be visible, for the first time since, in the exhibition of the Ex-Decathlon at BIP2020. “On large (240 x 125 cm) vertical cardboard supports that are not without evoking the maximized proportions of smartphone screens, Thomas Hirschhorn is redesigning the conversation design of the WhatsApp platform with felt pens. Quotes from French intellectual Simone Weil are then integrated into these contemporary phylacteries: “Love is no consolation. It is a light” or “Beauty is the harmony of chance and goodness”, all aphorisms enunciated by Simone Weil in the 20th century which, in this eminently contemporary form, would seem better able to capture our educated attention to these new modes of exchange”.