Yudith Levin at Beit Uri and Rami Nehostan Museum

Two Series, Six Submarines is Yudith Levin’s exhbition at Beit Uri and Rami Nehostan Museum curated by Smadar Keren / Closing April 27, 2019 / In Yudith Levin’s solo show, two series of paintings are presented in their entirety for the first time. The first series was created in 2014, and it comprises six paintings. Three of them have been shown at the end of that year in a group show titled Everyone has a name, at Dvir Gallery in Tel Aviv. As she tells it, a curator from the Museum of contemporary art from Montbéliard, France, who happened to be in Israel at the time, noticed her works and wondered why those abstract pieces were selected for the show. Dvir, the gallery owner, suggested that he go and look at the works again. The curator did so, and, looking again, realized what was really in the paintings. Following that visit, the curator chose to include the three works in an extensive exhibition called Back to the Abyss: Art and Genocide. The complete series, Portraits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, is now on view alongside five works from 2017, which have also never been shown as a series