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Naama Tsabar at Hamburger Bahnhof

  Dvir Gallery is delighted to share that Naama Tsabar presents her first institutional show in Germany in October 2023, at the Hamburger Bahnhof. With a practice that skews the borders of sculpture, music and performance, Tsabar’s exhibition in Berlin includes a newly commissioned performance convening female-identifying and gender non-conforming musicians and members of the museum community.

David Maljkovic solo show at Quinta do Quetzal

Dvir Gallery is delighted to share the upcoming solo exhibition of David Maljkovic, In the Pictorial Code at the Quinta do Quetzal, in Portugal. 18/02/2023 – 31/08/2023. At the core of Maljković’s practice is a regimented exploration of formalist concerns. Whilst narrative is the driving element at the origin of a project, the artist’s varied means of visual implementation consistently and profoundly modifies and compromises its supremacy, whether that is through photography, video, sculpture, installation, collage or painting. In the Pictorial Code presents recent works that play with the idea of painting as a guardian of time and the painter’s position as its witness. The exhibition establishes a marking system that embodies the image’s position within the author’s practice, and also tracks its displacement into other media. In recent works, this mediating role of different media is in the background, while the return to the language of painting assumes the right of precedence. This immersion in the painting process and the painting language itself is realized through the processes of expanding, narrowing and overlapping the syntax of the painting and its protagonists. The very effects of that language are separated from the motive, and on the other hand, they are looking for its rightful place. Motifs become characters, and their roles change in the construction of painting itself.

At first glance, the selections of motifs act as metaphorical platforms on which (or around which) they are objectified and become painting understood in a broader sense. Namely, these motifs take on their secondary being and become signs whose content, as well as their mutual relations, are positioned and moderated precisely by the painting process. In that pictorial landscape, the exhibition opens panoramically to allow our eye to meander between objects and paintings. The materiality of the pictorial code itself is not contained exclusively in the painting; it can be found across the artist’s practice. From painting to painting, from painting to object, the eponymous code behaves differently. However, pictoriality is constant and the key to their reading.

Mirosław Bałka at Galerie Nordenhake in Mexico

  In his first exhibition with Galerie Nordenhake in Mexico, Mirosław Bałka presents the piece “La Nube”, an installation comprised of 650 black plastic buckets, each filled with a litre of water. The individual buckets recreate the void present in many of Bałka’s works and as a whole “La Nube” references the technology of cloud storage and its presence in and around us. Opening: Feb 7, 6 – 8pm Exhibition: Feb 8 – March 10, 2023

Performance – Aysha E Arar

Dvir Gallery is delighted to invite you to a new performance by Aysha E Arar at Dvir Gallery Brussels accompanying her solo exhibition Barbarian – بربرية. The performance is going to take place on February 5, 2023 at 16:30.  

Pavel Wolberg at CCA Tel Aviv

Dvir Gallery is happy to share the opening of the new solo exhibition of Pavel Wolberg at the CCA Tel Aviv. Vernissage: 2 February, 2022

Nelly Agassi’s Tremble

Dvir Gallery is delighted to announce the new performance of Nelly Agassi, in collaboration with Ryan Packard and Avi Bellili. The performance, titled Tremble, will take place twice on 17th and 19th of January as part of the new group exhibition of the Tel Aviv Museum of art, Imagine a Museum (or: The Remembering Body). While the title “Imagine a Museum” looks forward, to the realms of imagination and dream, the subtitle in parentheses, “The Remembering Body,” returns to the museum’s foundations, in fact to the first institution titled a museum, i.e. the mouseion in Alexandria, Egypt, in the 3rd century BCE. The mouseion was a library and an academy, named after the nine mythological muses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosine (the Goddess personifying memory), who presided over various arts (none of which was plastic art). The idea of the birth of a museum from memory is at the core of the exhibition. With Mnemosine and the muses in the background, the museum is anchored within a distant, mythological and ritualistic memory, and adopts the identity of a remembering body: remembering its chronicles and histories, hosting other remembering bodies within it. A body within a body. A two-directional motion, forwards and backwards, towards the realms of imagination and the domains of memory, thus drives the exhibition, which takes place in the gallery and throughout the Museum’s public spaces. Tremble Nelly Agassi / Ryan Packard / Avi Bellili 17 & 19 January 2023 19:00 Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Netally Schlosser: artist talk and kids’ workshop

Dvir Gallery is delighted to invite its youngest audience to a kids’ workshop with Netally Schlosser as part of her ongoing solo exhibition, the Red Sun. The workshop is followed by an artist talk. Recommended age group is 5-10. Attendance is limited! The language of instructions and of the artist talk is Hebrew! Saturday, January 14, 2023 Kids’ workshop – 10:30 Artist talk – 12:00 For attendance, registration is required at: international@dvirgallery.com Dvir Gallery Tel Aviv Schocken 27, 3rd floor code: 02772

יום שבת, 14.01.2023

סדנת ילדים בשעה 10:30

גיל 5-10

.בסדנה נצייר כדור-אבן בפלסטלינה מהגרעין עד הקליפה

נזרז כמה תהליכים שבטבע נמשכים מיליוני שנים ואז נבצע חתך בהפתעה

  international@dvirgallery.comמדפר המקומות מוגבל. להרשמה מראש :  י

שיח גלריה בשעה 12:00

  גלריה דביר תל-אביב

שוקן 27, קומה 3

קוד: 02772


New book on Thomas Hirschhorn

Dvir Gallery is happy to share the upcoming publication of Thomas Hirschhorn: The Bijlmer Spinoza-Festival. The Ambassador’s Diary, edited by Vittoria Martini. The Bijlmer Spinoza-Festival is an artwork, a sculpture, created by Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn in a peripheral borough of Amsterdam’s south-east known as the Bijlmer in 2009. This book recounts the event through the eyes of its “Ambassador”, art historian Vittoria Martini, who was invited by the artist to be an eyewitness to the existence of this “precarious” work.

Text(s) by Claire Bishop, Thomas Hirschhorn, Vittoria Martini, Lisa Lee, Mignon Nixon, Marcus Steinweg, graphic design by Neil Holt

English 2023. 184 pp., ISBN 978-3-7757-5264-0

Dor Guez solo show at the Princeton University Art Museum

Dvir Gallery is delighted to announce the solo show of Dor Guez, Colony / Dor Guez, at the Princeton University Art Museum. The exhibition is set to open on December 10, 2022 and runs until February 12, 2023. The exhibition features photographs, installations, and the US premiere of a video that the artist created based on historical photographs in the archives of the American Colony. Established in Jerusalem in 1881, the American Colony was a Christian community formed by a group of American and then Swedish expats who maintained their philanthropic commune through Ottoman, British, Jordanian, and Israeli rule. In the early twentieth century, the American Colony produced and sold hundreds of photographic views as souvenirs of the region. Guez mines these holdings, selecting photographs that contain latent histories of the multiple communities who draw connections between their identity and this geography. He mirrors, juxtaposes, enlarges, and filters these pictures to reveal how they accrue meanings over time and offer shifting views of the region’s past and present.